The SolidView Product Family

Maintenance, Enhancement and Support

Taking service to the next level

SolidView Maintenance, Enhancement, and Support (MES) is a subscription
that enables compatibility with CAD data from your customers and suppliers.

Total List Price of SolidView Products SolidView MES Rate Renewal SolidView MES Rate
Less than $1,000 45% 30%
$1,000 - $5,000 35% 20%
$5,000 - $20,000 30% 15%
$20,000 - $50,000 25% 12%
$50,000 + 20% 10%

The Renewal MES Rate applies to licenses under warranty or covered by an existing MES agreement. The MES Rate applies to all licenses not under warranty or not covered by a current MES agreement.

For example if you have 5 licenses of SolidView/Pro with ProE Interface:

  • 5 x $495=$2475 of SolidView Pro
  • 5 x $595=$2975 of ProE interfaces

In this example the total list price is $5450. The renewal MES rate will then be 25%. Therefore the annual fee would be of 25% of $5450 or $1362.50.

*You must purchase MES for all licenses. Otherwise you can upgrade each PC individually.

SolidView Maintenance and Release Policy

Enhancement Any new feature added to existing SolidView products or options.
List Price The non-discounted price for SolidView as currently published at www.solidview.com.
MES Maintenance, Enhancement, and Support.
Release Any SolidView software made available.
SolidView Any member of the SolidView family of products, SolidView/Lite, SolidView, SolidView/Pro, SolidView/Pro RP and any related options.
Update A SolidView release designed to correct errors to provide compatibility with new operating systems or hardware.
Upgrade To move from one SolidView version to the next, for example, to move from V2008 to V2009.
Version A particular release of SolidView designated by version number, such as V2002. Prior to V2002, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing used a sequential version number. The version prior to V2002 was 3.55.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

SolidView comes with a no-risk, 30-day money back guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you many return it for a full refund, less any shipping and handling charges.

Maintenance and Technical Support

SolidView comes with free maintenance and technical support for 90 days. During this 90-day period, you are entitled to unlimited technical support via the WWW, fax, phone, and e-mail. You will also receive, free of charge, any update or enhancement releases that are released during this warranty period. Customers who are out of warranty and elect not to purchase an MES agreement can obtain free technical support from www.solidview.com or pay a $25 per incident charge for support via phone, fax, or e-mail.

Maintenance Updates

As needed and at its sole discretion, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing will provide SolidView maintenance updates. To install an update, the SolidView software must query the SolidView web site (www.solidview.com) to automatically install the update or download the proper installation program from ftp.solidconcepts.com.

Any customer can install and use any updates for the version of SolidView they have licensed. Normally, once a new version is released, no new updates will be released for the old version. For example, any customer with SolidView/Pro V2008 can install and use any updates released for V2008 but they would not be able to install any updates released for V2009 unless they purchased a V2009 upgrade or were covered under an MES agreement.

Version Releases

Approximately every 12 to 24 months, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing will release a new version of SolidView. New version releases are provided free of charge to all customers currently under warranty or covered by a Maintenance, Enhancement, and Support (MES) agreement. Other customers can upgrade to the new release by paying an upgrade charge, which is normally 25-60% of the current purchase price. For information on current upgrade pricing, please see Special Offers. CAD interface updates are only available for the latest SolidView/Pro release. For example, once SolidView/Pro V2008 is released, no new interfaces will be available for the earlier versions of SolidView/Pro.

Maintenance, Enhancement, and Support (MES)

Customers can purchase additional Maintenance, Enhancement, and Support (MES) beyond the initial 90-day warranty period. MES agreements are available on an annual basis and they must include all licensed copies of SolidView. SolidView Maintenance, Enhancement, and Support (MES) is a cost-effective way to protect your investment in SolidView and to ensure that you have continued access to technical support and updates after the initial SolidView warranty period has expired.

When you purchase SolidView MES, you will receive the following:

  • Unlimited access to SolidView technical support via phone, email, fax, and the World Wide Web
  • CD-ROM copies of each new SolidView version
  • Automatic free upgrades for all SolidView enhancement releases

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Which SolidView releases are eligible for MES?
A1 SolidView/Pro and SolidView/Pro RP versions 2008 and later are eligible for MES.
Q2 What is the cost of SolidView MES?
A2 The cost of SolidView MES is based on the total list price of the SolidView licenses to be covered under the MES agreement.
Q3 Can I purchase SolidView MES for a subset of my SolidView licenses?
A3 No, all of your SolidView licenses must be covered by the SolidView MES agreement.
Q4 What are the advantages of purchasing MES versus buying an upgrade?
A4 In most cases, the annual cost of MES will be less than purchasing an upgrade each year. In addition, with MES, you will automatically receive all updates and you have access to telephone support.