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SolidView Software is powered by the leading Rapid Product Development Service Provider in the United States, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing Managed by engineers who helped develop the first commercial rapid prototyping systems, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing is a supplier of rapid prototyping, direct digital manufacturing, tooling, and injection molding services. Founded in 1991, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing has grown steadily to a five-facility, multiple technology company known to be a solutions provider with project management and engineering expertise.

SolidView® software allows non-CAD users to easily view, measure and markup CAD data, opening up communication to all who need to be involved in the design process.

  • Virtual reviews of complex parts and assemblies
  • Shop floor measurements from native CAD data
  • Design collaboration across long distances, time zones and disparate CAD systems
  • Access to CAD data for technical illustrations, packaging, and marketing

SolidView is used across the world by those needing access to CAD data but not trained in using CAD systems. It’s a low-cost solution to access CAD data for manufacturing engineers, scientists, structural engineers, technical illustrators, managers, product managers and sales people.

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing