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Performing a freestyle cut

Learn how to perform your own cut pattern by hand.

  1. Select your object and open the cut tool (Tools | Cut)
  2. Click on the [Compound] tab panel within the active task panel.
  3. Select the Plane you wish to perform the cut on:
    • XY: the Z axis
    • YZ: the X axis
    • XZ: the Y axis
    • Current: no axis change

    (To set the cut plane along your current view simply press the button).

  4. Select “Freestyle” cut pattern
  5. Drag the ball marker to your desired starting point (left click+drag on the line between balls).
  6. Drag the yellow ball markers through the selected object, dragging and releasing the yellow balls until you have your desired cut pattern.
  7. Press the [Cut] button to perform the cut.
  8. Note: A cut cannot be performed on an object unless it is selected (left click on an object to select it).

Editing a compound cut

Learn how to undo or edit a cut pattern.

  1. Left click on a ball marker to select the pattern (it will turn light blue).
  2. To remove a ball simply left click on the ball you wish to remove and click the “Delete point” button in the task panel.
  3. To insert a ball simply left click on the “Insert point” button in the task panel to add a ball marker in front of your currently selected ball marker.
  4. To change the dimensions of a pattern click on the button and edit the A and B parameters to increase or decrease the size of the pattern:
  5. To rotate a cut pattern (90 degrees clock-wise) simply click on the rotate icon:
  6. To close a pattern simply click on the close polyline icon:
  7. Note: A cut cannot be performed on an object unless it is selected (left click on the object to select it).

Altering the depth of a cut

Learn how to create a cut with variable depth.

  1. 1. In the [Compound] cut panel select the “Enable Variable Cut Depth” checkbox.
  2. 2. Use the left and right sliders to adjust the top and bottom of the cut depth.
  3. 3. To see the cut depth lines simply rotate your view (right click+drag in the model space) and observe the dotted lines protruding on both sides of the pattern line.
  4. 4. To see inside the object check the transparency checkbox and the object transparency will be set to 25% allowing for easy inside and outside shell identification.
  5. Note: To perform a depth cut the dotted lines must always go through two walls; the inside and outside of a shell.

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