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Compare Objects

Prepping Objects

Both objects must be aligned side by side and facing along the same axis in order to perform an accurate compare.

  1. Load the two objects you wish to compare and open the compare tool (Tools | Compare Objects).
  2. Select both objects (ctrl+left click on both objects or Select “All” via [Select] menu).
  3. If the objects are not facing along the same axis use the Translate, Arc Align or 3 Point Align options.*
    • Translate: Select two identical points on each object.
    • Arc Align: Select two identical arcs on each object.
    • 3 Point Align: Select three identical points on each object.
  4. Use the Offset dropdown menu to layout the objects:
    • X Axis: Lays both objects along the X Axis
    • Y Axis: Lays both objects along the Y Axis
    • Z Axis: Lays both objects along the Z Axis
    • None: Leaves objects in their original positions

    *Note: If you are having trouble identifying which object is which, simply hover your mouse cursor over an object in the model space and the object name will become highlighted in the task panel.

Prepping Objects

  1. Enter the min and max range values (anything inside this range will be analyzed/compared on both objects)
  2. Set your Options Colors:
    • + : Increased features color
    • - : Decreased features color
    • ? : Neither increased or decreased feature color(i.e. holes)
  3. Choose whether to Analyze both objects (Show A+B) or only one (Show A/B).
  4. Click on the [Analyze] button or its drop down arrow [v] to compare the objects:
    • Analyze: Applies Option colors to all areas within the minimum and maximum range.
    • Preview: Quicker than “analyze” – applies “insides” coloring to all +, - and ? features.
    • Analyze ALL: Analyzes entire objects (ignores min/max ranges) and applies option colors.
  5. Click on the checkbox to display the triangle vertices (yellow cross hairs) for all + and – option colors.
  6. Click on any of the yellow crosshairs on the object to find the exact Distance (object difference) in the XYZ co-ordinate columns.

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