The SolidView Product Family


View and Print CAD Files for FREE

SolidView/Lite is a free tool for others, within your network, to view 3D files in STL, SVD and SolidWorks formats. They can view, rotate, and print 3D images from these formats including those you and others have made using SolidView/Pro.

The following features are included with SolidView/Lite:

  • View and Print STL and SolidWorks formats
  • View, Measure and Modify SVD and SFX formats

3D Import Formats

Format(s) Description

Additional CAD formats are only available to SolidView/Pro and SolidView/Pro RP.

Just about anywhere you see a 2D engineering drawing, you can use SolidView instead. By giving everyone in the product development and support processes a 3D view they can move, scale, rotate and measure, you increase their understanding of the data and improve their productivity. The advantages of SolidView over 2D drawings include:

  • Users can view and measure the 3D data
  • Valuable engineering time is not wasted on creating 2D drawings
  • Users can directly view up-to-date CAD data instead of outdated 2D drawings
  • Complex designs and assemblies can be viewed on a low-cost PC, saving plotting paper and supplies and reducing the security risk of drawing disposal

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  • Online Catalogs
    Online Catalogs

    SolidView/Pro's Scene Save and Replay make it possible to create web or CD-based interactive catalogs where customers can easily view and measure product information. Interactive catalogs created with SolidView/Pro give potential customers access to the product information they need by allowing them to extract measurements and create views themselves.

    Key SolidView features used in creating online catalogs are:

    • Scene Save and Replay
    • Integrated 2D and 3D View and Markup
    • Measurement tools
    • Free SolidView/Lite viewer